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TOP CHEMTEK is a professional high-tech chemical enterprise located at Pudong new area, Shanghai specializing at R&D, process development and optimization on both lab scale production and scaled-up industrial manufacturing, sales, import and export trade of new APIs, pharmaceutical intermediates and chemicals.
Our aim is to try all our best to earn trust from our business partners and customers.
Our specialists’ expertise in process chemistry enables us to address the complex issues associated with research, development, manufacture and optimization of APIs and regulated intermediates. Our rigorous and systematic approaches to project management are complemented by experienced staff with excellent technical and practical problem-solving skills. Together, these elements guarantee an unfailing and consistent, competitive quality of end-product and service at competitive price.
TOP CHEMTEK focuses activities on the development and production of small molecules for demanding customers in the most highly regulated markets.
We have been establishing business with customers from more than 20 countries and regions including Asian, European, North America, and South America.
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